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Finally, A Contacts App that Works for You

Gretel helps you stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues with secure contact information that’s always up-to-date

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Why Gretel

The World's Most Secure Contacts App

Gretel encrypts and decentrally stores your personal data protecting it from unwanted use. Our peer-to-peer approach is so unique, it's patented!

Different by Design

Gretel eliminates the frustration of failing to manage the contact information stored in your phone.
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Own and Control Your Personal Data

Each user builds their personal, invitation-only network of Gretel users. For each relationship, you choose what to share. And, if a relationship ends, 'Unfriend' the connection. When you delete their profile, your profile simultaneously disappears from that user's app. Being forgotten is easier than ever.

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So Much More than Your Grandmother's Little Black Book

Simplify Life with Self-Updating Data

Your Gretel app refreshes itself every time it's opened. All your network updates and personal changes go live in an instant.

We Play Well with Others

Creating and organizing your contacts into groups has never been easier. Use Gretel to create unique codes that you can share with your contacts to plan meetings, parties and family reunions.

Never Deal with Ads or Data Sharing

We take your privacy seriously. Our primary mission is ensuring your personal data and identity are protected — always. We enhance this mission by facilitating the secure distribution of your data on your terms.

Never Lose Another Contact

When you lose your phone or switch devices, recovering all your contact information is usually a pain. We’re here to help. When you get your new device, simply download the Gretel app, log in and your network is reestablished.

Never Fear — We Don’t Interfere

Gretel is standalone and will not interfere with your native contacts app. We only access your native contacts app to simplify inviting your friends and family to connect. It can take some time to build your Gretel connection network, but it’s worth it. You’ll build a solid directory of contacts that are most important in your life.

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Who Uses Gretel

From networking professionals to the soon-to-be-married couple, Gretel works for everyone.

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