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With Gretel, your contacts’ data is always live, secure and accessible. We help you sustain friendship even when, 'see you soon' ends up being a few months or years.

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A Contact Management Solution Dedicated to You

Your mobile device comes with a native contact application. So you may be asking yourself, “Why would I download a separate app?” We understand your hesitation but hear us out. Not all contact solutions are created equal.

Why Gretel

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Your native contact app isn’t engineered for today's hyper-connected, always-on consumer lifestyle. That’s why we’re different. Think of us as your personalized contact support system. We keep you close to the most important people in your life and evolve as your network expands.

We help turn introductions into life-long friendships.

Gretel is the cloud-based contact management application that keeps track of your contacts’ phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and social media accounts in one convenient location. And the best part — when they update information, it’s automatically live in your app so you never need to worry about losing touch.

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Benefits of Gretel

Shareable on Your Terms

Like the US Postal Service, we securely and privately distribute your contact data to the people you designate. You decide who has access to your most current contact information, not the other way around.

If you want to remove someone, just delete their profile from your app and your information disappears from theirs as well. It’s seriously that simple!

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