Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need to common questions about features and benefits of Gretel, the contact management app that helps keep you up-to-date — always.

Why should I trust Gretel?

We know trust must be earned.

So to begin earning your's we make the following commitments:

  • Our ONLY business is helping you own, manage, and control your contact information.  We do not claim ownership of your personal data-- we are in the data logistics business confidentially delivering your data where you want it.
    The Gretel app and private updating service help you build and maintain your personal network of Gretel users by privately sharing updated contact information within the network.
  • Except for the contact information you share during registration, Gretel has no access to your data. Your data and the data of your connections are stored decentrally and encrypted on your mobile phone.
  • We won't accept advertising and we will never repurpose or sell your personal data.  In time to 'pay our bills' we will offer paid subscriptions.
  • We support your right 'to be forgotten'.  When one user deletes the Gretel profile of a second Gretel user, the updating relationship ends and the profiles are deleted from the connection's directory.  If a user closes their Gretel Account, their Profile is deleted from Gretel’s updating service and from the Gretel Directories of any users they were connected with.
Is Gretel right for me?

We created Gretel for people who love their friends, family, and collegues and never want to lose touch.

We believe Gretel is the right app for people who:

  • Aren't satisfied with their native contacts app
  • Like to send birthday or holiday cards or personalized notes in the mail
  • Are graduating high school or college and don't want to miss connections with their friends due to changing contact info
  • Understand great relationships need more than just a mobile phone number or email
How is Gretel unique?

Gretel re-engineers contact management for tomorrow.

First, we made Gretel the most secure contact app in the world. Our users own and control all of their personal data. We never sell or publish your information and everything is encrypted and secure.

Next, Gretel includes innovative links to social networks and rideshare apps. This means staying up-to-date or connecting in-person is simpler and safer than ever before.

Most importantly, Gretel is self-updating. Your Gretel app is refreshes with live information every time it's opened. You receive updates from all your connected friends and they get your changes. All without lifting a finger. No more embarrassing, "who's this," text messages to your friends if their number changes and you didn't get the memo.

Will Gretel impact my native contact app?

No, it is impossible for Gretel to change, impact, or damage the information stored in your native contact app. Gretel does not and cannot sync with your native contact app.

If you grant permission, Gretel can access your contacts' mobile phone numbers to simplify connection invitations.  Tapping on a friends or family member's mobile number launches a new message to that individual with an invitation to connect. Mobile numbers are only used to launch the SMS invitations. We encourage you do use this feature.

Where do I find Gretel?

Gretel is available for download in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Since Gretel updates are distributed from our secure cloud, Gretel works equally as well on either iPhone and Android phones. And if you change phones, your Gretel network comes with you.

How is Gretel different?

Gretel builds a community of users committed to more successful long-term relationships.

The app applies a self-service approach, which allows users to organize and collect their personal data. Each user manages only their personal data. Users build personal and private networks of Gretel users to share their data.

Gretel does the rest, automatically sharing your updates with your network.Gretel helps you save time, reduce the frustration caused by current contacts apps, and helps you build more successful long-term relationships.

For added privacy, Gretel does not have a global directory or the ability to search for a Gretel user.

Why is Gretel patented?

Gretel's patent protects user privacy by requireing a user to have the invitee's mobile phone number to complete the invitation. Users may either access a friend's mobile number from their native contact app or, invite a new connection in-person by having them enter their mobile number.

Can I create groups?

Yes, Gretel allows you to create unique groups for different clubs, activities, and events. We will provide a code for you to easily share with your group members and start collaborating.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored and encrypted on your phone and the phones of your private network. There is no centralized database of users contact information. This distributed model makes it nearly impossible for Gretel to be hacked or compromised.

Our updating service parallels the US Postal Service in that we privately and securely deliver encrypted updates to your network without access to the contents.

Why isn't Gretel free?

Gretel is commited to helping our users build more successful relationships.  User ownership and control of their personal data is a critical part of our commitment.

For this reason, we do not accept advertising.  We do not sell or repurpose user data.  Instead, we charge a modest subscription to cover our expenses to develop the app and deliver the updating service.

We believe this approach is in our user's best interest and Gretel's too.  If for any reason you are unable to pay for the subscription please contact us regarding our scholarship program.

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