3 Quick Tips for Professionals on How to Manage Contacts Better

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Networking is an essential key to success. Find out how to manage contacts better so you can grow your business hub and thrive.

As a professional, you know the importance of networking. Whether in the office or at a conference building your network is everything.  For many of us however,  it’s also outside our comfort zone.  Meeting potential clients, investors, or colleagues for the first time is hard,  How and where do you start and what’s the best path to get from “hello” to “thank you for your business” without frustration and in the shortest period of time possible? 

With a few of the right tools and a thoughtful approach, you can easily become a networking star. In this post, we’re helping you discover simple tools to grow your network faster — keep your contacts organized and up to date — so you can develop the important relationships that will make your career thrive

How to Manage Contacts: Quick Tips for Successfully Growing Your Network 

Whether you’ve been networking for years or you’re just getting started, there are strategic tips that you should implement ASAP. Overall, these steps can help you build confidence while meeting new people or navigating that next conference. 

  • When meeting someone, a simple introductory sentence that works well is, “Hi, I’m [insert your name], what brings you here today?” It’s a low-pressure greeting and allows the person a moment to talk about themselves. Your job is to listen well and follow-up with a related question. Don’t forget to have your answer, too. 
  • Depending on the length of the event, show up between 20 and 30 minutes after it starts. Being one of the first people at an event can feel uncomfortable, and adding unnecessary stress is to be avoided. 
  • When attending an event that includes a meal, let the tables fill-up a little bit and then find a table with one empty seat. Ask if anyone is sitting there. Now, you’ll instantly have two new people to talk to and hopefully add to your network. 
  • Fun bonus tip: If you’re extra nervous, scrunch your toes. No one can see it, and it gives you a simple release of some of the tension.

Your network can become your single greatest professional asset-- setting you apart from your peers.  But it’s impossible to know which person in your network will one day be your most valuable contact.  Who may introduce you to your number one customer, or your future spouse, or become a trusted advisor?  Only time will tell.  Because of this uncertainty, it’s essential to manage all your new relationships as if they will be your most important.  Getting to events, collecting business cards, swapping and refining ideas, and following-up takes an incredible amount of energy.  As a result, a lot can get lost in the mix. 

3 Tips for How to Manage Contacts Better

  1. Stay organized.  Rely on a tool that keeps all of the new information secure and updated — in one convenient location. 
  2. People like to be remembered.  Get ready for your next conversation or call by taking notes about this visit.  Jot down personal attributes, interests, shared hobbies, etc.  People will be wowed that you recall their pet’s name is “Archie” or  they like pickles.  Really, Pickles?
  3. Reinforce your introduction.  Follow-up a day or two after you meet by sending them a text, email, or hand-written note.  This reinforces your professionalism and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Leverage a Contact Management App to Stay Organized and Updated

Gretel is a tool professionals rely on to help keep their contacts organized and up-to-date without a lot of extra work. You’re only responsible only for keeping your personal information current. When a friend or colleague joins your network (you can invite them with a text or in-person), they will automatically receive your information.  You will have theirs and whenever there is a change, your Gretel app  receives a live update. In addition to giving you traditional contact information (phone numbers and email and physical addresses), Gretel let’s you connect with multiple social network platforms and rideshare apps in just one click. 

Managing contacts is important, especially when you’re building your business network. We want you to avoid going into a networking event, grabbing business cards, throwing them in your wallet, and not reaching out. It’s not doing you any good. 

With the right tools, like Gretel, all of your new contact information will be safe, updated, and easily accessible. And, there’s another benefit to sharing Gretel with your new contacts. Recommending productivity-enhancing tools like Gretel reinforces your reputation as an inspired and successful professional. 

If you have questions about Gretel, reach out to our team today.

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