Let's Stay in Touch: Simple Ways 2020 Graduates Can Keep Friendships Strong

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Don’t just say “let’s stay in touch,” actually follow through with your promise after graduation. Get a few simple tips today!


Approaching high school graduation can stir up plenty of feelings, including excitement, fear, uncertainty, and hopefulness. Whether it’s moving to a new state to attend university or heading straight into the workforce in one’s hometown, things change after graduation. Most importantly, grads likely won’t see their best friends every day. Even if they happen to be future roommates, chances are, they will both branch out, meet new friends, and create their adventures. So when it comes time to say, “Let’s stay in touch,” we encourage all grads (from diploma to degrees) to put this mantra to work by leveraging a tool that helps. 

Previously, there were no tools to maintain accurate personal information with those closest to you. That’s why we developed Gretel. Helping people sustain relationships, no matter what life throws at us, is important. 

In this first post of the graduation transition series, we’re exploring the hurdles high school students face while approaching graduation day. 

Friendships Evolve as You Enter Your 20s

Welcome to adulthood. You’ve got this. Trust us. Things may seem very overwhelming right now, but it’s also super exciting. You have a lot to manage in your upcoming journey. No matter the path you take, make things a bit less uncertain by keeping your friends close, and being open-minded to new connections. 

Understand that your friendships are going to evolve. Your current friendships (your old pals) from your hometown are going to take an effort to maintain. It’s going to be different than it is now. You’re also going to meet new friends and build new relationships. And your current friends will, too. It’s all okay. 

It’s even better when you use a Gretel. We support you by helping you manage all of your relationships regardless if you’re going to college, the national service, taking a gap year, going to work, and everything in between. The one thing that binds everyone is human connection. Gretel will keep you on the cutting edge of communication technology. You can share with everyone via text, so it’s super easy to build up your network. You may have to explain it to your folks (it’s an app after all). You’ll definitely need to help your grandma figure it out. Luckily, it’s super easy to get started with Gretel. 

But enough about us. It’s time to dive into the ways you can keep your friendships strong as your life keeps moving. 

Simple Tips to Keep Your Promise of “Let’s Stay in Touch”

Build a Foundation

You still have time to start building a solid foundation with your friends and family. Sure, we all get busy, but when maintaining healthy relationships, there needs to be a solid foundation built on trust. Ensure you’re all on the same page and that you establish expectations about communication before you move away. 

Make an Effort to Keep in Touch 

If you’re not putting in the effort to communicate, your relationships will fizzle. Reaching out to your favorite people sounds simple, but sometimes life gets in the way. For this tip, we say NO EXCUSES. It can be as simple as a funny meme or a “Hi, miss you. Let’s talk soon!” It all helps keep your relationship strong. 

With a tool like Gretel, you’ll always have the most accurate information for your friends and family. And bonus, they’ll always have yours. So, get Gretel, share it with your network, and stay in touch! 

Stay Personal and Avoid the “Busy Bug”

A recent study found that the maximum number of social connections for both men and women occurs around the age of 25. So think, most of you haven’t reached your social high point. What does that mean? It means you have no excuse to fall into the busy trap. 

Maintain personal connections. Set aside time in your days and weeks (even if it’s 15 minutes here and an hour there) to talk to your closest friends and family members one-on-one. It means a lot more than a comment on a Facebook post. 

And remember, now is the time to build these habits because as your career and personal life develops, the more responsibilities you have taking up your time. 

Prioritize Your Closest Contacts and Put in the Face Time 

You’re going to make new friends, and that’s great. We encourage you to branch out and explore new groups of people. While you’re building new bonds, you still need to prioritize the closest people in your life. Put in face time, virtually or literally, in addition to phone calls and snail-mail. This tip is especially important for your family members. You know what they say, family comes first. Make sure you make an effort to check-in regularly. 

Try Not to Get Discouraged or Jealous

Just like you will likely build new friendships, so will your besties. Don’t forget — your bond is still special and important. The worst thing you can do is develop resentment or express jealousy over new friendships. It’s a bad look for one, and it will put a strain on your relationship. Put in the work, and don’t give up. 

Moves can be hard on relationships, but there are ways to make it work. Making an effort to stay in touch is the key to fostering successful relationships. Gretel helps you with this. Download the app today so you can become an expert and share it with your friends and family. Then, when you’re ready for the next adventure, you’re already connected. 

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