Top 6 Reasons for Students to Start Using Contact Management Software Today

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Contact management software is designed to help users keep track of their network. Find out how and why it’s a necessary tool today!

Today, more than ever, we understand the importance of our friendships. Whatever your future holds, it’s important to adopt tools that help you stay connected. In this post, we’re discussing the reasons why you need to start using contact management software as soon as possible. Without a tool to help, you can easily lose connection to those most close. A solid solution helps you stay in touch with your friends and family — easily. 

By better managing your relationships now you’ll find that you can better navigate big moves and new journeys in the future. as you approach graduations and new adventures. Contact management software also enables you to swiftly develop a new network of friends and colleagues. 

Overall Benefits of Contact Management Software

A well-developed contact management software is designed to help people stay connected. That’s the primary reason we developed Gretel. Managing every single contact in our phone was a drag. It was also way too easy to lose information and in turn, lose touch. 

We created a better way to manage contacts by empowering people to be in charge of their own data. When you download Gretel, this is what you’ll get: 

  • Accurate Contact Information
  • Never Lose Touch with Your BFFs 
  • Build Your New Network with a Simple Invite 
  • Save Time Only Managing Your Information

  • Always Up-to-Date 
  • Get Live Updates From You and Your Contacts 
  • Keep Your Friends and Family Current with Your Information
  • Instantly Share Locations for Parties and Events 

  • Secure and Worry-Free 
  • Decentralize, Store and Encrypt Your Information
  • Have Complete Control to Remove Yourself From Any Connection   
  • Never Worry About Your Information Being Sold

Seriously, all of these benefits are intrinsic to this tool. If you want to start experiencing a better way to manage your contacts, give Gretel a try today. 

6 Reasons for Students to Start Using a Contact Management Software 

Don’t Lose Touch after Graduation 

Contact management software is a must-have tool for recent graduates. It ensures that you’re always in touch with your old friends, new friends, and family. It also helps you develop an organized network of classmates and colleagues that you can take with you into your professional future. 

Stay in Control and Organized

When you utilize an app like Gretel, you’re taking control of your personal information. Didn’t mean to give that new friend your phone number? No worries. If there’s information that you want to keep to yourself, you can turn off all sharing capabilities. Security is a priority with an app like Gretel. You can also decide who stays in your circle. It’s easy to delete a contact. And once you do, your data is automatically removed from their directory. 

Plus, contact management software keeps you organized. Say goodbye to “new phone, dis?” messages and have an accurate account of your contacts’ information. 

Easily Create and Join Groups

Planning a party? Organizing a study group? Gretel has a group feature that keeps you organized. You can create a unique code and privately share your contact information and updates with everyone in a group. This feature is perfect for meet-ups, events, families, teams and clubs, and so much more.

Always Have the Most Updated Information — Fast 

One of the most essential features of contact management software is having the most up-to-date information for your contacts, quickly and easily. You only have to be in control of your personal information. When you make an update, your network is updated live. And vice versa. 

How many times have you received a new phone number and failed to save it? Then comes the awkward exchange of, “I don’t have your phone number anymore.” Easily avoid that by using an app like Gretel. 

Easily Share and Save Contact Information 

You can forget about business cards, notes, and phone sharing. Simply invite your friends, family, and colleagues with a text or conversation about Gretel. Our tool helps you develop an accurate directory of contacts without any additional work. It works best when everyone in your network uses the app, so encourage them to give it a try with a simple text invite. 

Keep Your Personal Information Secure 

In current times, it’s critical to keep your personal information secure — especially with apps. Only use contact management software that vows not to sell or distribute your personal information. Most times, this will result in a small fee to use the app. It helps the company stay updated and keeps your information safe. 

There is no time like the present. We recommend that you try to contact management software today. It keeps you organized and prepared for life changes so you can focus on more important things than managing your contacts. Have questions? We’re here to help. 

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